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Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. takes an important role in the development of Kecskemét and the region. As one of the largest companies in Hungary and the largest investor in Bács-Kiskun county it provides support for all the initiatives that aim at creating value and building a community, it gives help to those in need and promotes health consciousness in the education of children. Mercedes-Benz’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is diversified and complex: it provides funding for educational and cultural associations, foundations and various institutions.


Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. considers providing support for kindergartens and schools to be of special significance. The plant takes part in the improvement of education in Hungary and in the modernization of institutes. Kecskemét was the first city in Hungary where, with the help of the MobileKids (MoKi) program, traffic safety was added to school subjects. The company organizes children’s day events in a number of schools in Bács-Kiskun county with art and craft courses and sports programs and it also takes part in the renovation of kindergartens and playgrounds in Kecskemét.


The Mercedes-Benz plant has always placed a great emphasis on preserving and improving employees’ health. The company’s colleagues have had the opportunity to join the sports program since November 2012 by means of which the company provides free means for them to get access to a range of sports activities. The company regularly organizes running races, which now has a traditional role in locally promoting a healthy lifestyle, sport and community values. The new multi-functional sports hall of the Mercedes-Benz Sports Academy was opened in August 2017 and the basketball team bearing the name of Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-Benz Gyár KLA) started their fifth season in September.


The Mercedes-Benz plant is devoted to social and caritative activities in the traditional sense. The company considers it to be an important task to help improve the life quality of people living with disabilities and to give support to children and their families living in poverty and in a disadvantageous position as well as to provide funds for civil associations representing them. Thanks to the several years’ collaboration with the city of Kecskemét the plant joins the charity initiatives of the City Social Foundation, provides financial support to the hospital in Kecskemét and funds the activity of various institutions.

Environmental protection

The motto of the Mercedes-Benz plant is “Innovation for Sustainability”. Environmental protection is an integral part of the corporate strategy and policy and the same principle is followed in the course of creating the social responsibility program. The company launched a garbage collecting campaign that is unique in Hungary and the money from selling the selectively collected waste was given to a non-profit organization that lists environmental protection among its activities. The plant pays special attention to turning sustainability and long-term thinking into an everyday reality: factory employees take part in the Kecskemét campaign of the movement TeSzedd! - Önkéntesen a tiszta Magyarországért (“PickItUp!” - Volunteering for a cleaner Hungary). The program includes an environmental protection day for pupils of the Mercedes-Benz School when kids learned about the selective waste collection.

Cultural life

The Mercedes-Benz plant actively takes part in the cultural and social life of Kecskemét, so it considers funding social events that offer quality entertainment to be especially important. Kecskemét is home to a number of quality festivals and programs and the Mercedes-Benz plant is a special sponsor to these events. Among those receiving plant funds are the József Katona Theater and the “Prima Primissima” County Prime Gala as well.

Local civic associations

"Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. takes part in socially important matters, so it helps the activity of those working in catastrophe protection. The Establishment Fire Department of the plant has been collecting fire extinguishing equipment for years. The company funds art and craft events and leisure programs for the local civic associations and also contributes to the renovation of their real estates."

Environment and safety

Workplace safety

Safe workplaces are prerequisites for healthy, motivated and satisfied employees.


Work and health protection activities are an organic part of the corporate strategy of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. 

Environmental protection

Our company considers environmental protection and energy efficiency organic parts of our corporate strategy and policy.


In 2011, before production was launched, we had successfully introduced the EMAS III (1221/2009/EG) European Standard.

Waste management

As to waste management, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. considers it a fundamental objective to prevent the generation of waste in the course of production

Nature protection

Following the directives stated at a corporate level, we launched a project aiming at reducing carbon-dioxide emission at our plant.

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