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General information about our areas

Areas of production

Brain-work and administration areas in the support of production


Our well-organized, just-in-time logistics background ensures that all the components and materials are provided and available for the production of cars by the right time and place and in appropriate quantities.

Quality control

Quality control ensures that every Mercedes-Benz car leaves our plant in Kecskemét in premium quality. Thanks to our motivated and highly qualified team we always comply with our customers' wishes and the highest of standards.

Finance and controlling

The task of finance and controlling is to provide the appropriate finance planning for the strategic goals and organization of our plant.


The acquisition team in Kecskemét carries out the purchase of so-called non-productive materials and services, which are materials, assets and services that are not actually built in the cars.

Human resources

Our HR department is responsible for the comprehensive personnel planning and development at our plant, including the recruiting and fitting-in of new employees, organizing and realizing training courses and vocational education.

Factory planning

Factory planning is responsible for the planning, coordinating and realization of new investments, working together with the authorities.

Informational technology

The informational technology team of our plant is in charge for controlling and checking automated data processing, operating production control and controlling systems, for IT security and operating telecommunication systems.

Production technology and safety

At our plant the safety of individuals and machines is an issue of the same importance as the quality of work. Our production technology department is responsible for the constant operation of the establishment, for maintenance, work, fire and environmental protection matters as well as for the vehicle fleet and plant safety.

Production and logistics planning

"The goal of production and logistics planning at our plant is to enable us to carry out our tasks in the most effective manner. With the assets and means available to us we are able to manufacture the best cars of the world in the fastest possible way.
We know exactly how much time it takes to build a car. We know how many of our employees need to work, what tools and equipment we need to manufacture a Mercedes car.
One thing is for sure: no component will ever arrive too late or get to the wrong side of the assembly line."

Plant management

Areas related to plant management include legal and compliance issues, Mercedes-Benz Production System (MPS), productivity development and corporate communication.

What we offer:

As a company renowned and appreciated worldwide for more than one hundred and thirty years, being also one of Hungary's most attractive employers, we offer long-term and secure work opportunities for our colleagues.
In addition to securing the best quality in production, we place great emphasis on our colleagues' good mood at work and the high quality of work conditions. We also pay lots of attention to providing our colleagues with the possibility to take part in constant training and advanced training. We offer a very attractive allowance package to our colleagues, which includes the personal basic wage, bonuses and other fringe benefits.
Some of the employee benefits that we offer (in addition to those ones required by law):
  • reduced price for lunch/dinner at our canteen
  • medical service available 24 hours a day
  • possibility to use the sports facilities free of charge with the Sports-class membership in Kecskemét and in the surrounding towns
  • idea management at the plant: we reward every implemented idea
  • language learning possibility during work hours
  • monetary support for families who decide to move and settle down in the area
  • Works Council
  • other monthly benefits and yearly bonuses


What job openings can I search for and where can I find them?
What job openings can I search for and where can I find them?
Depending on departments, we offer different positions. You can check the current job vacancies on our website, this is where you can find all the available possibilities.

How can I apply for a position?
How can I apply for a position?
To apply for a position please use the e-mail address specified at every job opening announced on our website. You can send your application with your CV at the same time for more than one positions. Please attach all the documents as required in the job description.

What is the salary that I can expect at the Mercedes-Benz plant?
What is the salary that I can expect at the Mercedes-Benz plant?
The salary of our colleagues always depend on their position. After a successful job interview we always inform the applicant about the exact salary structure. In addition to the base wage MBMH offers a number of further benefits, for instance, cafeteria, advanced training, sports facilities, reduced-price meal benefit, etc.

What are the working hours at MBMH?
What are the working hours at MBMH?
The number of working hours per week is 40.
In an administration job the working hours are flexible from Monday to Friday, our colleagues can work between 6.00 am and 8.00 pm, the obligatory base hours are between 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.
In production, employees work in several shifts in various shift models, changing on a weekly basis.
3 shift work schedule: the shift changes weekly, one week it is between 6.00 and 2.05 pm, the following week it is between 2.00 pm and 10.05 pm and the week following that the working hours are between 10 pm and 6.05 am.
4 shift work schedule: for four days working hours are between 5.50 , then there are 4 free days, then the working hours for the following four days are between 5.50 pm and 6.10 am.

Are there regular buses that I can take to go to work?
Are there regular buses that I can take to go to work?
There is an excellent transport system to and from the plant. There are regular buses from Kecskemét, from the surrounding settlements but there are buses from more distant places so the plant is really easy to access. We do not operate a corporate bus network, our goal is to make sure that our colleagues use means of mass transport, buses and large-distance buses that stop at the station in front of the plant.

What possibilities do we have for accommodation?
What possibilities do we have for accommodation?
MBMH within its rental apartment program offers various accommodation to employees. These rentals are available for colleagues once their trial work period is over, if they meet certain conditions.

Who can I contact to to get information about my application?
Who can I contact to to get information about my application?
You have questions, our HR recruiting colleagues are at your service. You can reach us in e-mail at toborzas@daimler.com or dial our hot-line phone number +36 76307755 between 8.00 am and 16 pm from Monday to Friday.

Is any opportunity for work in part time?
Is any opportunity for work in part time?
The weekly 40 hours work is typical of the work in administration.
Just in unique cases there is opportunity for part time job (daily 4-6 hours) with special contract. In production there is not opportunity for deviation from shift schedule.

Is any opportunity for intern for low cost housing or college accommodation during the internship?
Is any opportunity for intern for low cost housing or college accommodation during the internship?
At present, MBMH cannot assure low cost housing for employee with internship contract.