Dual Vocational Secondary Education

Why choose dual vocational training?

• From the first year you can complete your practical studies at the company’s training center

• The training is extremely practice-orianted, takes place at Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét equipped with state-of-the-art technology

• Competitive monthly salary and other bonuses during training from the 10th grade (at least 60 percent of the minimum wage)*

• In addition to your professional knowledge, you can strongly improve other skills, for example teamwork, problem-solving ablitiy and responsibility.

• On practice training days we provide free lunch for our students.

*In accordance with current laws

What kind of opportunities are there for further education?

After successfully completing the dual vocational education, you can apply for a 2-year evening class at the Gáspár András Vocational and Secondary School. During these 2 years, you can get a general certificate of secondary graduation. The Mercedes-Benz Plant will provide support for employees in the course of their studying in this program.

If you want to join the dual education program, send your application to one of these schools:

Kandó Kálmán Vocational and Secondary School of Kecskemét

  • Mechatronics maintenance
  • Toolmaker

Gáspár András Vocational and Secondary School

  • Vehicle mechatronics
  • Car body surface preparation and coating
  • Auto body repair

Dual Vocational Secondary Education timeline

Start of dual vocational education with 3 trades

New trades introduced

Start of build-up profession education

Opening of the Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét

New trades introduced: auto body repair, CNC operator