Csillag (“Star”) Nursery School and Kindergarten

Csillag (“Star”) Nursery School and Kindergarten timeline

Foundation stone was laid

Csillag Nursery and Daycare opening, 4 groups with 35 children

Opening of the third preschool group, reach of the maximum number of the members, first children start to study in Mercedes-Benz School from the preschool

Closing ceremony of the first group which education strated in Csillag Nursery and Daycare

Csillag (“Star”) Nursery School and Kindergarten

The Csillag Nursery School and Kindergarten is situated right next to the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét.
As a workplace facility, the kindergarten allows parents working at the plant to have their children within a comforting closeness to the plant, knowing that they spend their day in a friendly and modern environment.
It has the capacity to offer day care for 28 children in the nursery school and 42 children in the kindergarten.
There are two groups for children in the Csillag Nursery School until they reach the age of 3. In the Nursery School children can use the well-equipped playground and yard but in case of bad weather there are sufficient possibilities inside as well for games and activities. There are weekly programs for the children to playfully introduce them to learning German, and they can take part in a number of various cultural and educational programs as well.
In the Csillag Kindergarten there are three groups for children after the age of 3 until they enter elementary school. There are 12-16 children in each group. Outside the daycare building there is a playground with outdoor activity toys and a sports facility, both fully equipped and meet all the required standards, inside the building a gym is available for the children. Programs are held for the children in the kindergarten in two weeks' turns in German and Hungarian. In addition to the regular everyday programs children can benefit from speech therapy sessions and in the higher grade group they can take swimming classes as well.