A donation tree built from firewood at the Mercedes-Benz plant

"The special Christmas tree that the Mercedes-Benz plant had ordered from Hello Wood was dressed in beautiful lights as it stood on the pathway leading up to the plant. The festive installation, built from 20 tons of firewood, with its height of 11 meters and a diameter of 5,6 meters is a captivating play of lights from the outside and all quiet coziness inside.
The donation tree made from firewood will make a very good use for local families: the plant will make sure the wood gets delivered to families in need before the holiday, so they can spend the most beautiful evening of the winter in nice warmth. Managing director Mr. Christian Wolff and the management team presented employees and guests coming to the plant on the 6th of December with chocolate Santa Claus figures, a total of 6,500 chocolate Santa Clauses were distributed at the plant that day."