Professional meeting of international students at Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemét

Between 13 and 17 January, 36 students from the Neumann János University of Kecskemét and the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University in Baden-Württemberg participated in the first Global Student Innovation Camp 2020, held at the Mercedes-Benz Academy in Kecskemét.

The students gained insight into the life of the Mercedes-Benz factory and the company's training center. The workshops were supported by guest lecturers from the universities and the factory experts, Prof. Dr. Uwe Sachse, Prof. Dr. László Szívós, Andreas ter Woort and Simon Laubscher. The project task was to create an economically sustainable and digitally supported business model, for which the students could discover innovative methods in practice, under real business conditions such as Canvas, Scrum, Lean Startup, or Design Thinking. The purpose of the international workshop was that the students, with the help of the new methods, could test and improve their existing knowledge in an intercultural team in a real business environment.