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The leaders of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemét visited Neumann János University

The leaders of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. visited Neumann János University on November 28, 2019 to further develop the professional scientific and research cooperation.

The leaders of the university presented the higher education institution's training portfolio and research and development projects and made proposals for broadening the framework for cooperation. As part of the visit, the university staff presented the labs and research workshops of the GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology to the Mercedes-Benz factory executives, where they discussed possibilities for collaboration on research and development and innovation. The leaders of the company and the university also visited the new campus building.

Production of high-performance AMG models started at Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemét

This year, for the third time a successful serial production began in Kecskemét: the first Mercedes-AMG Performance models rolled off the production line. The Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC +, the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4MATIC + Coupé and the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4MATIC + Shooting Brake got at the same time on the production line and are manufactured exclusively at the Hungarian site.

The preparations began already in 2018 at the Kecskemét plant, working closely with AMG to ensure that the AMG models, which are the first to roll off the production line, are of the usual Mercedes-Benz top quality. The company's manufacturing staff has been trained for months on the unique workflows applied to AMG models. The production and installation of the special shape of the bodywork of the models requires a great deal of professionalism, both in the press plant as well as in the body shop. And in the surface treatment plant a new, innovative paint system gives opportunity to apply additional, special colors.

The brand new sports models of Mercedes-AMG feature stunning performance, unique driving dynamics and expressive looks. The high-quality, modern design interiors with its sporty features, high equipment and the intuitive MBUX multimedia system create a close connection between man and machine.


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The school year at the Mercedes-Benz Training Center started with new professions and a camp

The school year at the Mercedes-Benz Academy in Kecskemét started with a professional camp. The event in Parád was attended by 72 students, who, together with the qualified trainers of the training center, prepared every day exciting tasks. The students got to know each other, and via the different games, they saw how they could work together as members of the toolmaking, mechatronic-maintenance, automotive mechatronic, bodywork, vehicle bodywork, and coating team.

This fall, 264 pupils and 89 students started the school year at the Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét training center. In addition to the five basic professions, new vocational trainings started in September, such as the automation technician and mechatronic technician training, as well as a 1-year CNC machine operator training.

The Mercedes-Benz Kecskemét factory has been running dual training since 2011, which completes theoretical knowledge with professional practical skills. The company cooperates in the program with the Kandó Kálmán Vocational and Secondary School in Kecskemét, the Gáspár András Vocational and Secondary School, the Déri Miksa Vocational and Secondary School in Szeged, and the Neumann János University.


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Mercedes-Benz has started the production of the new CLA Shooting Brake in Kecskemét

In a short time, Mercedes-Benz Cars started manufacturing already the second compact model of the new generation in Kecskemét. Like its sibling model, the CLA Coupé, the new CLA Shooting Brake is also manufactured at the Hungarian site only for the entire world market. The new model is sporty and practical: its second generation offers even more space for shopping or the transport of sports equipment. Just like the CLA Coupé, the combi model also focuses primarily on the younger customer base. The new model features the latest version of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) multimedia system. The new CLA Shooting Brake is equipped with the latest safety assistance systems: thanks to features from the S-Class, it stands out from the segment in terms of active safety.

The new CLA Shooting Brake will be available from September 2019.

The Mercedes-Benz Factory Race has become a community event

This year, the maximum number of registered competitors was reached at record speed in the traditional running race of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemét, which the car manufacturer has organized for the ninth time in order to build community  and promote  healthy lifestyle.

For the first time in the history of the race, all distances were organized within the factory fence. Both children's competition and adult distances, including the start-goal area, took the participants across the territory of the car factory. Participants were able to run through the body shop and also touched one of the logistics halls of the assembly shop.

The sports event is becoming more and more popular among adults and children, numerous families participated in the collective amusement. This year, a total of 2000 runners completed the race distances. In 2019, nearly 400 children ran for 1.3 km, and 88 teams tested their strength in the 5x5 km relay. Over 1,000 runners ran the 10 km race; the longest distance, 25 km was taken by 202 people.

Christian Wolff, Managing Director of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemét, congratulated and handed over the prizes to the best-ranked competitors. He believed that it gives reason to be joyful and pride about that, that while the participants through doing sports gave their vote to the healthy lifestyle, the event is also an important community event. He said that the competition had become a true tradition, which not only attracts runners and their attendants from the factory's catchment area, but also from other parts of Hungary.


Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. and the GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science of the Neumann János University launched last year the Kecskemét engineering competition, which was also organized this year. The goal of the three-week competition was that the students elaborate practical solutions to the technical challenges provided by the engineers of the Mercedes-Benz factory. Their work was supported by the professional mentors of the plant. The specialty of this year's competition was that a female starter also strengthened the field, proving her aptitude and showing an example for young girls who are interested in the engineering field. The best three teams were awarded in the Mercedes-Benz plant on Monday, along with the award-winning bonus some EFOTT tickets and valuable Mercedes-Benz gift packages found a new owner.

The winners are:

1st place: the Csillag-Delta team (Gergő Antal, Dávid Kamenár, Dávid Lajos, Dániel Martina), with a project focusing on gyroscope tracking equipment;

2nd place: the Benz-Boyz team (Szevér Balajti, Richárd Borbély, Martin Péter Hetei, Bence Németh, Ákos Somogyi), who presented its project on robot arm maintenance;

3rd place: the Z-Gen team (Norbert Kiss, Ákos Lakatos, Ferenc Tajti), their project dealt with minimizing scrap caused by clogging of adhesive dispensers;

A special prize was awarded to the only female participant of the competition, Dominica Tápai, as well as to Martin Péter Hetei for the best presentation

The new Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake made in Hungary: Sports car with load space

Dynamic, intelligent and practical: the new Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake introduced on March 5, 2019 in Geneva, is manufactured, similarly to its predecessor model, in the plant in Kecskemét. The new model follows the sensually pure design of Mercedes-Benz while the interior is defined by intelligent digital technology. Refined surfaces, exciting curves, aesthetic elegance and emphasized rear end characterize the new model. Its interior is modern and of outstanding quality and it offers passengers more space than the predecessor model in the shoulder, head and elbow areas. The digital environment around the driver is perfectly integrated into the interior while thanks to the MBUX system with intelligent assistants and refined voice recognition, operating these numerous functions comes natural and easy.
Great emphasis is placed on further increasing individualization in the new Shooting Brake with the Progressive and AMG Line equipment lines as well as a number of complementary services and applications that can be downloaded from Mercedes me depending on your own preferences and called up via MBUX. The new model will come onto the market in September 2019.

Mercedes-Benz closed a very successful year again

The Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét produced once again more than 190,000 cars in the business year 2018 – achieving a net turnover of over 3,5 billion Euro.

However, last year was important for the plant not only because of the turnover and production figures. Several milestones were added to the history of the plant: start of production of the new A-class, the one millionth car rolled of the assembly line, the CLA, which is made exclusively in Kecskemét, winning two valuable international quality awards, and the opening of the Mercedes-Benz Academy Kecskemét, where future car industry experts are educated with the use of the most modern technologies.

“Since the start of production in 2012 the plant in Kecskemét is the synonym of stability and excellent quality. In the business year 2018 we achieved outstanding results in figures as well as in quality and our colleagues are to thank for our success” - says Mr. Josip Niksic, finance director
of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.

Mercedes-Benz Hungary Ltd, the Hungarian subsidiary of Daimler AG, closed the previous year with a turnover of 108 billion HUF, which is a 7% increase compared to the result of the year before.

Mercedes-Benz starts the production of the new CLA Coupé in Kecskemét

The Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét remains the birthplace of the CLA: Following the sales success of the CLA Coupé, launched in 2013, the production of the second generation of this compact model - like its predecessor - now starts exclusively in Kecskemét. The new CLA is above all designed to appeal to younger buyer groups. The CLA Coupé was the first Mercedes-Benz model ever to celebrate its world premiere at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas. The first generation of the CLA was already seen as a design icon. The new Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé follows its example, combining an emotional, dynamic design idiom with numerous technological innovations. The new CLA Coupé and the CLA Edition 1 will enter the market in May 2019.

The new Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé: World-class car from Kecskemét

The new Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé was revealed at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. This compact coupé has an outstanding design and comes with highly intelligent solutions. Starting with the MBUX Interior Assist, which recognizes and performs control commands even by way of gestures, through the Augmented Reality navigation to the ENERGIZING COACH function that offers individual fitness recommendations, the new CLA is proud to have a number of smart solutions. Beyond all these features, the four-door coupé is even more attractive by its high-level aerodynamics and effectivity as well as by the new Intelligent Drive functions of the driver assistance package. The form design is even more graceful than it was at its predecessor, the power dome curves of the bonnet and the lowered rear license plate will enhance the coupé character of the model even more. The new CLA continues to uphold the slogan “World-class car from Hungary” as it is the newest pride of the Mercedes-Benz brand made only and exclusively in Kecskemét, just like its preceding model.