Plant visit

Dear Visitor!

Our plant visit program is suspended for an indefinite period of time. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Please be informed that our corporation reserves the right to modify unilaterally the plant visit program without any prior notification. The announced date may be cancelled due to an event, production or any other reason, even immediately before its starting time. In the event that a plant visit is re-scheduled or cancelled, our corporation will not be responsible for any compensation.

Plant visits are offered free of any charge by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft., so it is prohibited to advertise the program for any fee or price and registrations where the plant tour is in any way connected with a paid service or services by any service provider are also forbidden, e.g. in the case of tourist agencies.

Any violation of these rules will imply the cancellation of the plant visit date and the registering party may be banned from any future application. We explicitly refuse liability for any claim related to such prohibition. By submitting your application you accept these rules.

The electromagnetic effect generated by the operation of equipment on the route of the plant visit may pose a risk to visitors who have a pacemaker or any other medical appliance with which they are not allowed to go near magnetic field.

If you have a question, please write to